Himself Himself

MacGruffus Brewery


5. Bock

5A. Maibock/Helles Bock

  1. My Bock (all grain) 

5B. Traditional Bock

  1. Einbecker Ür-Bock Dunkel (all grain) 

6. Light Hybrid Beer

6B. Blonde Ale

  1. Unibrew 2007 (all grain) 

9. Scottish and Irish Ale

9A. Scottish Light 60/-

  1. Darien Ale (extract with steeping grains)  ProMash recipe

9B. Scottish Heavy 70/-

  1. Reiver’s Ale (partial mash)  ProMash recipe

9C. Scottish Export 80/-

  1. Dalriada Export 80/- (partial mash)  ProMash recipe

9E. Strong Scotch Ale

  1. The Boar’s Rock (partial mash)  ProMash recipe

10. American Ale

10A. American Pale Ale

  1. Hushpuppy OPA (all grain)
  2. Max’s Pale Ale (extract with steeped grains)  ProMash recipe



12. Porter

12B. Robust Porter

  1. Factor’s Robust Porter (all grain)  ProMash recipe

13. Stout

13D. Foreign Extra Stout

  1. Dragon Stout (extract) (partial mash) (all grain)

14. India Pale Ale

14B. American IPA

  1. Hushpuppy IPA (partial mash)  ProMash recipe

14C. Imperial IPA

  1. Hot Trod Double IPA (all grain)

16. Belgian and French Ale

16C. Saison

  1. Fantôme Saison (all grain) 

16D. Bière de Garde

  1. les Deux Anges (all grain) 

20. Fruit Beer

20A. Fruit Beer

  1. Watermelon Wheat (partial mash)

21. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

21A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

  1. Himself Himself Heather Ale (partial mash)  ProMash recipe

23. Specialty Beer

23A. Specialty Beer

  1. Midas Touch clone (partial mash)  ProMash recipe
  2. Unibrew 2007 (American ESB) (all-grain) 
  3. Scottish Gruit (all-grain) 
  4. Honey Blonde (all-grain) 

Continous hopping (à la Dogfish Head)

Like the Dogfish Head IPAs and want to try and replicate it? Need the plans for your very own copy of their “Sir Hops-A-Lot?” Here are the plans for a homebrewer’s version of the continuous hopping machine.

Randall the Enamel Animal (also à la Dogfish Head)

Sam at Dogfish Head also came up with an bizarre “toy” called Randall the Enamel Animal. It allows you to pump beer from the keg through whole hops on the way to your glass. Talk about fresh hop aroma! It also lets you play with very interesting combinations...like a traditional Czech Pils but passed though Centennial Hops! I found this page out on the web were Geir Ove Gr�nmo out in Norway built his own. Here are links to his blog detailing the journey.

Here's another set of instructions from The Maltose Falcons club out in CA.

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